1. The Pikul Group is looking for graduate students with interest in soft robotics, self-assembly, energy, multifunctional materials, and batteries. 

Our group works on a mixture of problems in energy storage, energy conversion, and manufacturing as applied to a variety of applications, including robotics, batteries, and medicine. We are very interdisciplinary, with activities in electrochemistry, design and manufacturing, instrumentation and control, materials science, and mechanics. We are always recruiting top students in a wide variety of fields. If you are interested in joining the group please contact James Pikul via email with a description of your interests and experience and a copy of your CV.

Interested post-doctoral scholars should consider applying to the Vagelos Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship or  Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellowships for Academic Diversity. If you are interested, please contact James Pikul with a description of why you are a good fit for one of these programs and a copy of your CV.

The MEAM open house is a great way for prospective PhD students to familiarize themselves with Penn’s campus and labs, meet other students and professors, and stand out in the application pool. Students who are invited to attend will be provided with hotel accommodations and a stipend of up to $300 to cover travel expenses. A brief application for the open house is available here.  Space is limited.